Electric motorcycles

Why buy an electric bike?

If you are looking for a green, avant-garde and agile mobility, or a light vehicle that marries perfectly with your camper, the electric scooter is the right choice! Why?

  • Ecology: Etropolis scooters are electric at 100%, emission classes and full from the petrol station will be just a distant memory!
  • Saving and autonomy: Etropolis e-scooters are equipped with state-of-the-art batteries and optimized for reduced consumption, allowing to travel up to 160km with a charge of 60 cents!
  • Design: Each model is designed and manufactured with care and great attention to aesthetics
  • Innovation: Etropolis puts avant-garde devices in its vehicles
  • Silence: Enter and exit campsites and parking areas without disturbing thanks to the noise almost non-existent typical of electric vehicles
  • Odourless: Of farewell to the harassing smells left in the lockers and garage by the combustion vehicles
  • Comfort: Their reduced weight (70-100kg) facilitates the movement and loading and unloading operations from lockers and trolleys

Super Soco Series


A medium/high range electric bike with aggressive lines and an ergonomic saddle. The innovative design combined with the above-average performance puts this vehicle right as the founder of a new revolution in the two-wheeler market. Fresh, dynamic and avant-garde, Super SOCO TS is cared for in the smallest detail.


Super SOCO TC-A lithium powered moped to drive with your best outfit.

Etropolis makes use of the new energies and technologies for the cultural revival of the Cafe racer, making its spirit shine in the era of new technology. It is equipped with BOSCH motor and extractable lithium batteries.


Super Soco TC MAX-The most powerful of the range

Performance, usability and design come together in this moped novelty 2018 Super SOCO TC MAX is all you want: sleek and gritty, it's the perfect medium for your long haul trips and city travel. Thanks to the central SOCO engine corresponding to a 125cc, it is the most powerful moped in the range.



The new Super SOCO scooter has arrived and it is definitely smart! The great performance, the wide autonomy, the slender line of the vehicle and the powerful and reliable BOSCH engine, make it a practical and efficient means for driving in the city and for slipping in traffic without problems.

E-Max Series

Sturdy frame, spacious platform, 175 Kg capacity, Doc smartphone with charging Jack… CARGO E-MAX is the medium of work par excellence, a reference in Europe for "zero emissions" transport. Thanks to the generous autonomy of lithium batteries, the fun and modulatable driving, CARGO E-MAX also hides a combined soul that transforms it into a reliable medium for traditional use.

VX Series

VX is the high-performance electric scooter: Maximum speed 80 km/h, equivalent to 125 cc vehicles. The battery compartment effectively designed to provide easy access, accommodates an efficient removable lithium battery. The 4000W engine and disc brakes make it a practical, fast and reliable tool.