Category A-2/4 places:
Box: Ocean 100
RV equipped for disabled: Sky Free

Category B-4/6 persons:
Low-profiles: Lucky Lucky 522-511
Coachbuilt: River 50 g-Ocean 650-Lucky 650

Category C-6/7 seats:
Coachbuilt: Sky 71


Transport equipment
All vehicles are equipped with air conditioning, abs, airbags, asr, electric Windows and mirrors and car stereo. The equipment shall provide, in addition to the usual equipment (heating, boiler, fridge, bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchen) bike, 220v electric cable kit for leveling the vehicle, toilet cleaners, toilet paper, hose, palette with brush holder, spare tire, guide RV Parks, high visibility jacket, pillow protectors.
The means are ionized and sanitized at each return.