Motorhome holidays: How to choose and rent it

Crew and destination, two key elements to orient the choice

Decisive in the choice of the camper, the characteristics of the crew, which will participate in the trip, and the destination are a valid starting point to understand what is the model best suited to the needs of the group and select the services available with the Rental of the vehicle.

For those who want to travel as a couple you can choose solutions like the vans that can accommodate up to three beds. These compact vehicles are suitable for those who like to move from city to city and therefore need a versatile vehicle that can be easily parked. The interior plan includes a double bed in the tail, kitchen, bathroom and living area, the dinette, with table and seats arranged along the sides of the vehicle.

The so-called compact profiles with garages, larger than the first ones, are suitable for couples wishing to enjoy more comfort and planning a traveling trip that includes stops in equipped areas or with the availability of wider spaces for the parking. They can accommodate from 4 to 5 beds. This type of camper is also suitable for households that plan a camping holiday or in places where life takes place outdoors and can provide a specific setting for wheelchair entrance.
Who has a larger family, greater need for stowage and groups of friends can orientate the choice on campers the attic housing up to 7 beds.

How to rent our camper

We reviewed the characteristics of our vehicles by classing them compared to the available beds. To deepen and obtain detailed information about the internal structure, services and related promotions of each means just click inside the boxes that describe the campers. Within each section it will be possible to download the relevant technical data sheet with the specifications on standard equipment and equipping, chassis, cell, kitchen, bathroom, tank capacity, heating, size and maximum permissible weight, size of Beds, garage.

To obtain a quotation compared to the camper of interest just fill in the dedicated form or call the 0323 50 44 19.

Services available

Gas Kit, chemical liquids, sanitisation (obligatory) €60
Tank Drain €50
Internal Cleaning Vehicle €50
Fuel supply Service €10 + fuel cost
€8 Satellite Navigator *
Parking vs Car Free
Scooters and Trailers apart rates
Luggage Box €50
Bicycle Racks on vehicles with garage €40

Bed Sack, Sheets, cushion €30 * *
Crockery, cookware, etc. €50
Towels, soap, clothespins, clothes rack, etc. €40
12V Vacuum Cleaner, hairdryer 12V, Inverter 300W €40
12V Tv, €40 portable antenna
Folding Table and Chairs €50
Grill with gas cylinder €20
Bicycles €50
Child Seat €25

* per day
* * A Per
sonthe Other prices refer to the entire trip.

Current Offers

Promotional packages valid for Easter and for the Bridges 25 April, 1 May and 2 June.

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The price includes gas kit, chemical liquids, sanitization.

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