Rental conditions

Rental conditions:
Motorhome rental vehicles in accordance with the Navy Blue licenses present Charter conditions forming an integral part of the rental agreement.
To drive a vehicle rented by Motorhome driver must have Navy Blue driving licence for the right to drive the rental vehicle type, issued by at least two years, and be over the age of twenty-one years.
The customer must find their own to adopt protective helmet (when required) and dress appropriately. The vehicles are equipped with side cases, depending on the model or top-case, anti-theft, vehicle tool kit for motor vehicles, while for Motorhome and minibus facilities include: power cord for connection to the electric network, drinking water supply tube, instructions and spare fuses. The amount of the security deposit must be paid by credit card or non-negotiable cheque to Navy Blue, to cover possible damages Motorhome to the vehicle during the rental period and to cover any excess mileage traveled. In the event of an accident the deposit will be withheld until after a finding by the assurance of accountability.
For autocaravans the minimum rental period is four (4) days with free mileage rate, and three (3) days with limited mileage; in periods of not less than five (5) days of Easter and new year's day; in high season minimum sixteen (16) days.
1) reservations and settlement
The applicant shall pay the rental when booking as a deposit of penitence on 30% of the total rent expected. In case of cancellation if the same occurs more than thirty (30) days prior to departure the penalty will be of 50% of deposit; After this period in case of cancellation this will result in a penalty equal to the advance paid. On the day of departure the tenant shall pay the balance of the entire amount of the rental.
2) delivery and return
The vehicles are delivered at the rental Motorhome Navy Blue communicated at time of booking and must be handed back in the same place, the date and time indicated in the rental agreement. The vehicles are delivered in good condition and working order, without apparent defects, cleaned and disinfected inside. Upon returning the vehicle must be returned by the handler clean inside, with particular attention to the kitchen, the refrigerator compartment group. The W.C. chemical and wastewater recovery tanks must be completely empty. Otherwise the lessee authorizes the landlord to withhold from the deposit £ 100,000 per diem for cleaning and disposal. Upon return the vehicle will be inspected and the customer must declare any damages or breakages caused to your equipment, furniture, or to the car body. Motorhome Navy Blue reserves the right to terminate the agreement and take possession of the vehicle at any time at the customer's expense if the vehicle is used in contravention of art. 5 or the non-payment of any kind from a previous Bill.
Warranty deposit will be returned within 30 days of the return of the vehicle, after setting off any debts of the client. It is expressly forbidden to return the vehicle during the closing time of the receiving station. No refund is due if the customer, for personal reasons, beginning with late or early first rental terms agreed.
3) damage, theft, ETC.
In case of loss of the vehicle, of any damage caused to or suffered by the vehicle, although employees from theft or by accident, during the rental period, customer shall pay as compensation at the time of the request for the amount corresponding to the loss to Navy Blue Motorhome and the associated costs, except as stipulated below: a) the client's liability for damage caused to or suffered by the vehicle is limited to the fixed allowance charged to the customer to the extent applicable tariffs in force, with the exclusion of damage caused to or suffered by wheels, tires, mirrors, luggage and guards, turn signals, windshield; b) the client's liability for theft or fire, is limited to the amount equal to the deductible borne by the customer to the extent applicable tariffs in force. The liability for damage and theft/fire is conditioned, for its validity, the immediate complaint of the fact from the customer to the competent authority, the return of keys and vehicle documents and the strict observance of diligence sets ex art. 5 of these terms and conditions.
The customer will pay or reimburse Motorhome Navy Blue, at the time of the request, the amount of time and mileage charges: a) calculated according to the rates indicated in the rental agreement or according to the rates in force, the minimum rental charge is equal to 12-hour rental, any delay in delivering more than an hour and up to 12 hours, will give rise to a further day (24 hours); any delay in delivering over 12 hours will lead to an amount equal to four times the daily rate for each day of delay or part thereof; in the event of violation of the final paragraph in art. 1, the charge time will be calculated as if delivery had taken place on the date for reopening of the receiving station; b) charges for the fire and theft damage waiver exemption according to the prices indicated in the rental agreement or according to the rates in force, if any; c) any penalty charges for compensation for damage referred to in article 2; d) the charge for missing fuel, inclusive of operating costs of the refuelling service carried out by Motorhome Navy Blue, if the customer does not return the vehicle with at least the same amount of fuel supplied upon delivery; and failure to return the vehicle to charge) at the departure station, according to the rates in force at the time of signing the rental agreement; f) of any taxes applicable to the rental agreement or the amount of such taxes charged by Motorhome Navy Blue as reimbursement; g) costs incurred for late payment of sums due.
Customer shall also pay an amount as interest corresponding to the official discount rate increased by five percentage points, calculated on a daily basis. The customer shall be obliged, for the recovery of claims, the payment of all legal costs incurred by both judicial and extrajudicial fields Motorhome Navy Blue for recovery than owed; h) of any fines, penalties, court costs or other, imposed by law, and its Navy Blue Motorhome operating costs of recovery of the claim, resulting from the use of the vehicle during the rental period unless they are attributable to the fault of Motorhome Navy Blue; in this case however the customer or any other person, you will not be relieved from liability towards any authority for their illegal conduct. The customer who uses a credit card accepts that the rental charges and incidental charges mentioned above are carried out on its behalf.
5) EXEMPTION of liability
Within the limits prescribed by law, motorhomes Navy Blue will not be liable for any damage suffered by the customer or by third parties resulting from the use of the vehicle or for loss or damage to customer's property left in the vehicle or for damages or inconveniences resulting from delay in delivery failure or any other cause beyond the control of Motorhome Navy Blue.
The customer shall keep and use the vehicle with due diligence and in particular shall not tolerate that the vehicle is used: a) to propel or tow vehicles, trailers or other things; b) in racing, trials or races; c) by the customer or by the driver under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic drugs, narcotics, barbiturates or any other substance that can alter the knowledge or ability to react; d) in violation of any customs, movement, or other standards; e) led by someone other than the Customer unless that person has been previously indicated in the rental agreement and authorized by Motorhome Navy Blue; f) outside of Italy without permission from Navy Blue and without the extra insurance Motorhomes, if required. It is strictly forbidden to rent to third parties in any form. The customer is obliged to use all anti-theft devices which comes with the vehicle whenever it is parked and abandoned, although in closed and guarded areas.
7) insurance
Motorhome insurance coverage provides Navy Blue for people using the vehicle with permission of Motorhome Navy Blue (and not in other cases). The customer may request to see the contents of its policy.
Any accident must be reported within 24 hours if necessary to Navy Blue Motorhome, the customer must immediately submit such complaint to the competent authority and send copy to Motorhome 24 hours after Navy Blue by complaint. A module "sinister", attached to the vehicle documents, must be completed at the time of the incident and delivered to Motorhome Navy Blue upon return of the vehicle.
The customer does not have to acknowledge their own responsibility and should get the data on witnesses and other vehicles involved, to the extent possible. Customer agrees to cooperate with Navy Blue Navy Blue and Motorhome Motorhome insurers in any investigation or proceeding.
9) faults, damage
In the event of damage to the vehicle, not due to willful misconduct of the customer, which preclude the possibility of onward travel, Motorhome Navy Blue will, if possible, to the immediate replacement of the vehicle. In the event of inability on the part of Navy Blue will refund the fee Motorhome shorter period as loss of use of vehicle. In case of mechanical failure, for new vehicles still covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the customer must arrange for repair by an authorized workshop. The customer must report the incident to the service, following the instructions enclosed with the vehicle documents, and Motorhome Navy Blue. Customer shall not make decisions on accurate and express authorization of the service and/or Motorhome Navy Blue. Abandoning the vehicle without permission entails the loss of any opportunity to use the service and the customer will be required to reimburse Motorhome Navy Blue all charges, direct or indirect, relating to the recovery of the vehicle. In case of punctures and/or damage to tires, the customer shall, at its own expense, replacement of damaged tires.